PPC Foiling

About Us

PPC foiling (pacific performance company) was born in New Zealand, the home of the America’s Cup. With a water / aviation background founder Sam Loader designing high performance foiling gear is second nature.

PPC boards are the lightest / stiffest platform you will find between you & your foil. Using our unique molded core / multi-layer (uni-directional) secret carbon construction we are confident you will not find a lighter stiffer more rigid board on the market. By having a rigid board you will enjoy an incredibly precise feel of control over your foil. When you have control over your foil you will progress faster / foil better. ‘Better by construction’

Once foiling emerged commercially the focus was to design & build dedicated foil products at a far superior level than what was on offer & lead the market instead of following the market. So 7 years in the making, PPC foiling is here to stay & is becoming a globally recognized brand that combines craftsmanship, technology & thoughtful design.

Through vigorous prototyping, listening to our customers & team rider feedback our designing & manufacturing processes ensure PPC Foiling offers premium gear which doesn’t just work, but outperforms at all levels.

With the new global sport of wing foiling upon us you will see us around for a while to come.