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Introducing the blend, an evolution of the Surge. The blend features an entire new simplified panel layout, combined with LE & middle strut adjustments.

The goal was to design a new model with a lighter, more balanced almost softer feel. After many prototypes, we finally landed on the Blend.

The feeling of the Blend is a light weight, snappy wing with very smooth power. The power is a forward pull type of power. As a gust hits the wing, it’s absorbed smoothly into the wings’ overall canopy & which then feeds the power transfer through to the board & then the foil in one dynamic motion.

If you didn’t like the direct power of the Surge model, the blend wing is for you! Due to the light weight feel, the blend wing is a dream to get going in light breezes. Ideal for the lighter riders or anyone who prefers that light weight feel of a wing.

With the detailed construction of the Surge wing. Kevlar patch reinforcement, brass swivel wrist leash, custom carry bag with a repair kit.

Wing Sizes and Weights

Size  Weight
2.3 1.67kg
3.3 2.03kg
4.3 2.36kg
5.3 2.75kg
6.3 3.21kg
6.8 3.50kg


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