How to foil?

How to foil?

One of the most achievable ways to learn how to foil with no foiling experience is behind a jet ski with PPC/ NZ Foil Centre.

We use the large 2400 Armstrong Foils wing combined with a 60cm (short) mast. We use our stable high volume carbon sandwich foil board, which allows you to feel extremely stable on your feet before liftoff.

This combination of gear is like training wheels on a kids' bike for foiling. It allows you to foil at a very slow speed, taking all the danger & initial fear out all-together. Foiling is for everyone!

We use Gath helmets, safety vests for all our foil intro lessons. These lessons usually go for around 2 hours max on the water. We start with a coffee & a land lesson, get out on the water, then a chill debriefing.


Foil equipment

At PPC / NZ Foil Centre we use only the very best foils on the market. Armstrong foils are incredibly over-engineered foils, where there is zero compromise. They use full composite construction with titanium hardware. Nothing will seize of corrode, after all we are mostly using our foils in salt water.

Armstrong foils have a wide range of masts, wings, fuselages, tail wings & of course the very unique ‘chop shop’ tail option which loosens up your set up for ultra tight turns & also speeds up the set up for wind winging or tow foiling.

Our new foil boards are specifically designed for wind winging & SUP foiling, even tow/ wake foiling behind a boat. They are installed with 20″ track system, which is double the standard track size for more adjustability. We have added carbon stringers which go through the entire boards, through the track boxes, allowing you to really feel the foil.

All the gear is really important as it all works in as one. The foil set up, the connection point to the board, the board, the track placement on the boards, the foot straps. We thought about everything, so all components work in as one giving you ultimate feel & performance while foiling. After all foiling is very much a feel sport, our goal is to bring you closer to the foil.