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State of the Art Construction

No one is doing it like us. PPC has full control of our supply chain with our in-house design and ownership of all materials and processes.

Behind every PPC board lies a carefully guarded formula, a proprietary blend of materials and meticulous lay-up techniques that elevate our boards to a league of their own.

Soar Pro Foil Board - PPC Foiling


The future of foil boards is our Moulded Core Technology (MCT)©

MCT is unique to PPC and offers enhanced stiffness for better energy transfer from the rider to the foil, greatly improving control and responsiveness. Not only are they the strongest and lightest board on the market (even able to withstand getting run over by a car!) the MCT process removes common issues such as excess foam waste, water ingress and risk of delamination.

Moulding Process: Instead of shaping the core from a solid block of foam (which is common in traditional board construction), MCT involves moulding the foam into a specific shape. This results in more precise control over the density and distribution of the foam, allowing for strategic reinforcement in high-stress areas.

Carbon Sandwich Construction: Layers of carbon fibre are placed on either side of the foam core. This creates a lightweight yet rigid structure that can efficiently transfer forces between the rider and the water.

Fibre Orientation: By aligning the fibres at specific angles, such as 45 degrees, PPC can optimise the board's strength and flexibility characteristics.

Better for the environment: In the context of sustainability, MCT leads to less waste in the manufacturing process because it can precisely mould to shape rather than cutting from a larger block and discarding the remnants. In addition, the durability of the materials used in MCT means a longer lifespan for the boards, which is a great help both economically and environmentally.


Dyneema® Composite Fabric is unmatched in strength and performance

Dyneema Composite Fabric, integrated into PPC's products, elevates our offerings to the pinnacle of performance in the foiling world.

Enhanced Efficiency and Speed: The incorporation of Dyneema Composite Fabric allows for a reduction in the leading edge diameter of our wings by 20%. This reduction translates directly into higher efficiency and significantly less drag, enabling riders to achieve greater speeds with less effort.

Superior Rigidity and Aerodynamics: By sustaining 30% higher pressure, our products maintain a stiffer, more rigid frame that’s crucial for optimal aerodynamics. This rigidity ensures that our gear holds its shape and performs consistently at the highest levels, even under the rigorous demands of competitive foiling.

Unparalleled Strength-to-Weight Ratio: Dyneema® is renowned for being 15 times stronger than steel on a weight-for-weight basis. This incredible strength combined with the ultra-lightweight nature of the fabric, means PPC products offer the highest tear and tensile strength available. This makes our gear ideal for riders who push the limits and require equipment that can withstand extreme conditions.

Waterproof and Maintenance-Free: The 100% waterproof nature of Dyneema® Composite Fabric ensures that our foiling gear remains as light at the end of your session as it was at the start, without any water uptake. This feature is critical for maintaining performance and ease of use, offering riders a hassle-free experience with no compromise on speed or agility.

M1 Overview

Exceptional stiffness, facilitating an efficient transfer of energy from rider to foil

Unmatched durability, longevity and lighter than anything else available

The stiffest, highest performing wings on the market. Achieve new heights and control at speed