What PSI do I inflate my wing up to?

All wings have their recommend inflation pressures displayed around the leading-edge valve.

Pumping over the recommended pressure can cause damage to the wing and will void warranty.


Do I wear a leash on my board when wing foiling?

Always wear a leash when wing foiling & buoyancy aids if needed!


Should I wear a helmet when wing foiling?

Yes, a helmet is recommended when new to wing foiling.


Where do I pump up my wing?

Inflate your wing on a smooth, soft surface – like grass etc. Check for any sharp objects.


How soon will I receive my order once placed on the website ppcfoiling.com?

All PPC products are sent by the most efficient couriers for your order – you should expect to receive your gear in 6-10 working days from your purchase.


Will there be any duties or import taxes on my order?

Please note that your shipment may be subject to import taxes, fees and customs duties, depending on your destination country. You are responsible for these fees and for ensuring the product be lawfully imported to your destination. For more information, see About Customs, Duties and Taxes.


What does the warranty cover?

Any manufacture defect on wings in the first 6 months & any manufacture defect on boards in 5 years.


How do I carry my wing foil gear down to the water?

We recommend carrying your board first, then your wing to avoid puncturing your wing with the foil.


How many wings should I purchase to cover all wind ranges for my weight / ability?

We recommend purchasing two wings so you are covered for a larger wind range. For example if you are 80kg you could purchase a 3.8 & a 5.8 so that you are covered in low/high wind ranges.


No resellers near you?

Could be a good opportunity. Express your interest at support@ppcfoiling.com