Sustainable Practices

  1. Our goal is to reduce all packaging to 100% recyclable. We are 85% there by taking out all the plastic packaging from our global suppliers, so that only recyclable cardboard arrives at which ever country we are sending to.

  2. We over build our equipment, so it lasts. The construction of our boards is a unique moulded core, carbon sandwich technology. If our boards last 3 times longer than another board on the market, then another 3 boards aren’t put into land fill. This costs us more however doesn’t cost the environment through wastage.

  3. Our global distribution network is organized so that most orders are sent by sea in bulk so that it minimizes one-off air freight orders, significantly reducing our carbon footprint.

We are looking into which not for profits we will partner up with. If we can improve our business by being more sustainable in our actions, then that has a long-lasting positive effect on us & the planet we live in.

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