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With MCT construction at the core, our PPC boards offer unmatched durability and stiffness, whilst being extremely light, setting them apart as leaders in the industry. Feel the responsiveness and control as you carve through the waves with unparalleled precision and power.

Experience the difference with PPC foil boards – where innovation meets passion, and performance knows no bounds.

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The M1 is the best wing I've used and I've got pretty much every wing on the market.

Adam Bennetts — aka Mister Bennetts, Hydrofoil Guy

Light, durable, efficient, the PPC Soar Pro does not disappoint!

Damien LeRoy — Professional Athlete, World Champion Kiteboarding 2011

The PPC M1 wing is my new favorite. This thing solidly handles any gusts, and has almost no flutter.

Jeffrey Yates — Paka’a Foil, Kauai, Hawaii


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FoilingHow to foil?

How to foil?

One of the most achievable ways to learn how to foil with no foiling experience is behind a jetski with PPC Foiling.

FoilingHow to choose your wing foil set up?

How to choose your wing foil set up?

Find out what is best suited to certain wind conditions, rider weights and abilities when getting into the sport.

FoilingWhat is wing foiling and how does it work?

What is wing foiling and how does it work?

Want to know what wing foiling is about and how you can get some of that action?

The latest in foiling technology.

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