Soar Foil Board

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Size: 6'2 x 33" 144L

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Frequently asked questions

The future of foiling with MCT®

Moulded Core Technology (MCT) is unique to PPC and offers enhanced stiffness for better energy transfer from the rider to the foil, greatly improving control and responsiveness. Not only are they the strongest and lightest board on the market (even able to withstand getting run over by a car!) the MCT process removes common issues such as excess foam waste, water ingress and risk of delamination.

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Strong & stiff, yet lightweight

Instead of shaping the core from a solid block of foam (which is common in traditional board construction), MCT involves moulding the foam into a specific shape. This results in more precise control over the density and distribution of the foam, allowing for strategic reinforcement in high-stress areas.

Carbon Sandwich Construction

Layers of carbon fibre are placed on either side of the foam core. This creates a lightweight yet rigid structure that can efficiently transfer forces between the rider and the water.

Fibre Orientation

By aligning the fibres at specific angles, such as 45 degrees, PPC can optimise the board's strength and flexibility characteristics.

Better for the Environment

MCT reduces manufacturing waste by moulding precisely instead of cutting from a larger block. The durable materials also extend the lifespan of boards, benefiting both the economy and the environment.