M1 Wing Review

M1 Wing Review - MacKite

M1 Wing Review - MacKite

In this detailed review of the PPC M1 Wing, Tucker and Ryan share their experiences and insights on this new addition to their shop. The PPC M1 Wing is a fresh entry in the market, notable for its use of unique materials. Both reviewers have had multiple rides with it, allowing them to provide a comprehensive evaluation.

The PPC M1 Wing impresses with its speed and performance in various wind conditions. Ryan recounts his experience using it on a gusty day with winds ranging from 15 to 28 mph. He notes the wing's excellent handling across this range, maintaining power at lower wind speeds and accelerating impressively in stronger gusts. The 5m version, which he primarily used, demonstrated superb performance in these conditions. Its surfing capabilities are also praised, with easy handling and smooth transitions when switching hands, although the grip was slightly large when wearing gloves.

A key feature of the M1 Wing is its stiffness, attributed to the use of a Dyneema airframe or a new version of what used to be called Cuben Fiber. This material contributes to the wing's reliability and efficiency. Its stiffness, combined with a super sleek design and a small airframe, allows the wing to be pumped up hard, creating a rigid, almost inflexible structure. This rigidity translates to a very direct and responsive feel during use, likened to driving a sports car.

Both reviewers agree on the wing's high performance, especially in terms of speed and handling in powered conditions. It's particularly suited for fast foils, racing, and high-speed freeriding. The M1's ability to build apparent wind is notable, continually increasing speed as it moves. However, this also means it's physically demanding to fly, perhaps sacrificing some comfort for performance. The wing is not ideal for casual, relaxed riding but excels in aggressive, high-speed situations.

Despite its high performance, the PPC M1 Wing has some quirks. The stiffness can lead to some challenges, such as when dragging wingtips in the water, requiring more effort to recover. This characteristic might require an adjustment period for some riders. The wing uses a high-pressure valve common in other high-end kiteboarding equipment, ensuring compatibility and ease of use.

Overall, the PPC M1 Wing stands out for its exceptional speed, responsiveness, and performance in a wide range of wind conditions. Its unique material and construction make it a compelling choice for experienced kiteboarders seeking a high-performance wing, particularly in racing or aggressive freeriding contexts. While it may have a few minor drawbacks, such as the large grip size when wearing gloves and the need for careful handling of the stiff structure, these are seen as minor compared to the overall excellent performance of the wing.