MCT® (Moulded Core Technology)

Moulded Core Technology (MCT)® is the future of all foil board construction. All ppc foil boards are made with MCT construction due to the significant stresses the sport of foiling puts on the boards. Your board is your platform / your connection to your foil, its one of the most key parts to your kit. Through MCT construction we can confidently say that your ppc board will be stronger, stiffer than any other board on the market. MCT is only the starting point of how an ppc board is born, there is a huge amount of secret sauce in the materials lay-up setting our boards apart from the rest. Finally MCT reduces huge amounts of foam / resin wastages for a better planet.

MCT – moulded core technology (ppc boards) 

  • Ensures perfect core finish – (100% smooth foam core)
  • Smooth core = perfect starting point for materials lay-up (like the concrete foundations for a house)
  • Zero foam wastage
  • Zero resin wastage
  • Stronger, stiffer, lighter overall finish
  • Higher re-use / re- sale value

Vacuum bag – CNC cut core (A small % of brands)

  • Minimizes resin wastage
  • Lighter than standard CNC board construction
  • High foam wastage through CNC foam cutting
  • Imperfect foam finish (undulations through foam) = risk of soft points
  • Risks of delamination due to ultra-thin finishing

Standard CNC Construction (majority of brands) 

  • High foam wastage
  • Undulations through foam blank CNC cutting = risks of softness / delamination / weak overall construction resulting in failure
  • Resin wastage (very hard to control ideal resin amounts)
  • Warranty issues & boards not lasting (sometimes leading to zero re-sell value) ultimately ending up in landfill
PPC Foiling